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Large billboards are used to be most common way to advertise or expose information during the sports events. But it usually carried with considerable cost in short-term events, due to the limits of space-occupied, directionality and immobility. Aetina provides embedded edge AI computing platform and combines it with Millitronic’s 5G WiGig edge solution, which is enabled to do the real-time autonomously localizing, adjusting and streaming as long as developers put it into drones or robotics with a display monitor. As the result, our solution fulfills a movable way with surrounding view to expose information.

▌Smart Swarm Signage System For Sports Event

AI Signage System

This application is based on Aetina edge AI computing platform and Millitronic 5G WiGig USB adaptor, providing small-form factor (87 x 70 mm) and low-power consumption (less than 20V DC). And those two advantages make our solution perfectly fit the demands in drones and robotics. After the platform being set up, developers can build a fog transmit intranet with 5G 60 GHz signal and localize the edge device. In the same time, edge device can connect with other devices and the control system in the cloud for resource sharing through 5G WiGig.

At the edge, the Nvidia Jetson TX2 provides 1.5 TFLOPS and 256 Nvidia CUDA cores are used for real-time and comprehensive inference to analyze the coordinates of the devices itself and surrounding devices. After the inference, edge devices are allowed to move through the optimized path and avoid the collision. The control system in the cloud just decide what information wants to display, the devices at the edge will do the rest.

In conclusion, this smart swarm signage system separates the work into three different level: Edge Computing, Fog Transmit and Cloud Management for reducing the loading in every level and also sharing the resource with each other. The solution provides users low-latency, autonomously and real-time streaming environment, making the multi-media advertising more attractive in the sports event.

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Jetson Carrier Boards for Smart Signage System

Aetina Embedded Jetson Platform
ACE-N510 AN310
Smallest Jetson TX2 Carrier Board Support Up to 6x MIPI Cameras
Jetson TX2 Carrier Board ACE-N510 Jetson TX2 Carrier Board AN310
87x50 mm 87x70 mm
Wide Tempurature
-20°C to 70°C -40°C to 85°C
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