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In response to the era of Industry 4.0, AGV has been widely used in automation. Through the integration of AI of machine learning and various sensors, it is like adding robots with visual and olfactory sensing to detect, to recognition, and monitor surroundings. The application composes high autonomous scalability, compliance with AI, 5G, and IoT, ideal for manufacturing, logistics, medical-relevant industries, etc.

Leveraging with the versatile Jetson-powered edge AI computing platforms, Aetina is capable to activate autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applications confronted the real-world challenges. Surface, one among of our demonstrated SparkBot series, was adopting the Aetina highest level of AI performance computing platform, AX720-X32, which powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ AI module. Equipped with a wide range of ports and supporting a multitude of interfaces, AX720-X32 provides superior expandability, connectivity, and flexibility for the application.
For example, an integrating with 3x MIPI CSI-2 high-resolution vision detection 4K cameras, so that Surface can navigate and avoid obstacles automatically.

AX720-X32 uses the ROS operating system to perform object detection training through deep learning and color discrimination technology. This edge computing platform can also integrate the sensors and devices from across Aetina AIoT ecosystem partners. The all collected data, 4K camera HD images and inference are transmitted to the back-end server through high-speed, low-latency wireless transmission. Finally, through a central control room, it is able to simultaneously monitor and control multiple AGV. It is particularly suitable for automatic patrol, inspection, and monitoring in hazardous operating environments, helping to reduce the burden of labor-management and maintenance costs.


Peripheral Integration


Device Management


Cross-Industries Ecosystem

Powerful AI System for Any Autonomous Robot at The Edge


AX720-X32, designed for AI-at-the-edge applications, could enlarge the application field by not only the incredible AI computing power but also conforming to the 5G with exceptional communication performance in the edge AIoT.

With an extension of the board-to-board slot, bringing additional support for 10G LAN and M.2 devices, that could realize high-speed networking and high-bandwidth data transfer.

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Jetson AGX Xavier for The New Generation of Autonomous Robots

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