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  • NVIDIA-Certified Systems (NCS) :Optimally Run Accelerated Workloads at the Edge

    Aetina SuperEdge AIS-D422-A1, an advanced AI training platform, integrated NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU, passing NVIDIA-Certified Systems (NCS) 2.5. The certification successfully completed a rigorous suite of functional and performance tests that validate excellent configuration for manageability, security, scalability, reliability, and functionality.

  • New Edge AI Solution: AI Visual Inspection & Air Quality Monitoring

    Aetina teams up with Sysinno to provide a solution capable of visual inspection/image recognition and air quality monitoring. The solution consists of Aetina’s DeviceEdge platform AN810-XNX and Sysinno’s air quality sensor iAeris series, and can be used in different fields.

  • Join Aetina On-Demand Session at GTC 2022

    Take the pains out from the edge AI project development and deployment,
    Aetina one-stop AI service that covers comprehensive solutions and services
    to assist you in building system architectures faster and accelerating the implementation time.
    The expert of Aetina will share more of our Pro-AI Service during the session.

  • Aetina Roll Out Embedded MXM Supplementary Service!

    As Embedded MXM Modules' dimensions are inconsistent in the market, it's inconvenient for users to customize heat dissipation design to avoid the occurrence of high temperature failure especially when developing high computing performance applications in smart medical, factory automation. To improve the situation, Aetina decides to roll out one-stop thermal service! It includes standard heat spreaders, optional semi sink, and customized cooler.
    In the early stages of AI deep learning project development, developers spend lots of cost and time building a test system to confirm performance specifications and related peripheral devices. To solve the problem, Aetina has launched two types of brand-new MXM expansion kits, providing onboard high-performance MXM computing modules with various applications of deep learning for computer vision.

  • Aetina Robust Communication Extended Module In Supply!

    As communication applications are almost ubiquitous nowadays, Aetina robust extended module called ADMPC-720-AN04 is off-the-shelf. It supports dual 10G LAN ports and 1xM.2 B key 3050. Users gain benefit from high-speed data transmission up to 10Gbps and 5G wireless via these peripherals. The ADMPC-720-AN04 is compatible with Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier-based platform (AX720-X32) and carrier board(AX720), it applies to specific scenarios that emphasize ultra-low latency in connecting data, including railway intelligent transportation system(RITS), automated optical inspection(AOI), minimally invasive surgery, ultrasound, gene sequencing, and so on.

  • Aetina Launches New Series of Edge AI Solution – DeviceEdge Mini

    Aetina just launched brand-new edge AI solution called DeviceEdge Mini Series. The DeviceEdge Mini Series leverages the powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA® JetsonTM edge AI platform. The solution expands Aetina's range of edge AI systems built on the NVIDIA Jetson system on module (SoM) lineup, including Jetson XavierTM NX, Jetson NanoTM, and Jetson TX2 NXTM for applications in smart transportation, factories, retail, healthcare, AIoT, robotics, and more. The Series integrated with Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM) and highlighted features that you can't miss!

  • Aetina Releases Rugged 3U VPX Powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU

    Aetina released the new 3U VPX modules powered by NVIDIA Turing – based Quadro RTX5000 and RTX 3000 with sophisticated GPU computing acceleration and the optimized ability for deep-learning model inference workloads. That accelerates the rugged marketplace application of defense, aerospace, UAV, in-vehicle system, marine, and embedded fields.

  • Aetina Provide Chained Hardware & Software Pro-AI Service for Edge AI Solutions

    Aetina provides SuperEdge, MegaEdge, and DeviceEdge product series to support enterprise deployment. Fueling power to secure, sustainable AI and Machine Learning infrastructure for AI at the edge. NVIDIA GPU-inside to deliver advanced deep learning and AI inference. Aetina has also created a cross-architecture AIM Management software package, allowing businesses to simultaneously manage multiple computing nodes. Our one-stop services for software and hardware integration, enabling effortless and advanced device monitoring, AI solution deployment, remote management, and simplified the procedures for edge AI deployment and development services.